• Project Mercury: The More You Know

    As described in our first blog post about Project Mercury, the vision for Project Mercury is to build a suite of cloud-hosted services to enable companies to utilize verifiable credentials to improve their business. B...
    Brian Mullins
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  • The Archer Third-Party Portal

    RSA Archer is a leading platform for integrated risk management, and a major component of the product suite is targeted towards mitigating third-party vendor risk. An Archer customer organization may have many vendors...
    Todd Weaver
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  • Project Duma

    Today's security teams need help in analyzing network traffic to find threats. More and more attackers are using encrypted traffic. Previously defenders would rely on DNS lookups to identify the type of traffic that a...
    Matthew Tharp
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  • Mercury Rising

    When the world underwent a major digital transformation in the mid-to-late 90s with the introduction of eCommerce, RSA was there. RSA pioneered the BSAFE cryptographic library, which Netscape then embedded into their ...
    Brian Mullins
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  • Inside Project Sif

    My previous blog post described how combining the concepts of decentralized identity with verifiable claims creates a powerful new model that allows any person, organization, or thing to interact with any other e...
    Brian Mullins
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  • Pandemic risk may drive IoT risk

    As everyone grapples with lifestyle adjustments brought upon by a global pandemic it can be beneficial to stop and reflect on the unintended consequences of those adjustments.  One possibility worth considering i...
    Victor Malchikov
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  • Calling All Innovation Experts: We Need Your Feedback!

    Greetings fellow innovators!   RSA is in the midst of an internal innovation challenge and we are actively seeking feedback from customers and partners. Specifically, we have published concept summaries and would...
    Paul Mcavoy
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  • Project Sif: Hello Decentralized World

    Today Dell Technologies joined with the San Diego Supercomputer Center, industry companies, and academic partners to launch a new blockchain research lab: BlockLAB. The BlockLAB will focus on business use cases for di...
    Brian Mullins
    created by Brian Mullins
  • WTF is WTF?

    Dynamic analysis. Sandboxing. Is that all we got? Am I right?!?   Fact. Sandboxing is a necessity to understand malware behavior. It’s the defacto standard for our industry. However, for the average enter...
    Brian Girardi
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  • Too Little, Too Late: The Limitations of Dynamic Analysis as Malware Threats Grow

    It’s an essential question for security teams following a cyber attack: Where did the threat originate? In the days and weeks following the WannaCry ransomware attack—which swept through 150 countries, inf...
    Kevin Bowers
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  • Project Iris: Now Supporting Azure IoT Edge

    Today we are announcing support for Azure IoT Edge, which is Microsoft's solution for edge computing suitable for IoT gateways. Project Iris now brings visibility and threat detection to the Azure IoT Edge p...
  • Project Syn: Embracing the Disposable Nature of Containers

    By design containers are meant to be disposable. They are meant to be shipped around to different environments and brought up and down at will. For instance, a container orchestration technology like Kubernetes&#...
  • Using Project Iris to Protect Your IoT Gateway

    IoT gateways are critical pieces of enterprise infrastructure that facilitate secure communication between IoT edge devices and the cloud. As IoT gateways serve as single points of control for all edge ...
  • Project Syn in Action: Detecting Threats to Containerized Web Applications

    Web applications and web services are probably the most commonly produced type of software, and they are increasingly being developed and deployed as containers. Among the top downloaded container images on ...
    Naveen Sunkavally
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  • Project Syn: Container Security for all!

    Deployments of micro services and applications alike is changing rapidly, moving towards container based environments.  As this paradigm shift happens, similar to the paradigm shift with the advent of VM’s ...
    Todd Morneau
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  • RSA Labs becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m., Eastern time, August 29th

    Unless you were sleeping during your crypto elective, or like myself, find it difficult to remember everyday life events, RSA Laboratories should spark a memory going back to the early '90s when it was THE r...
    Brian Girardi
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