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Continually Expanding with RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 20.8

Blog Post created by Yael Gour Employee on Oct 26, 2020

Written By : Dan Matot, Senior Manager, RSA Product Management


One thing is clear: Consumers shop online like never before! e-Commerce transaction volume continues to grow as more and more consumers are shopping online, whether as a result of the global pandemic, lockdowns, and stay-at-home instructions or as a result of the coming holiday season. The need for a frictionless checkout experience while maintaining secure, safe transactions and ensuring minimal fraud is essential for gaining cardholder loyalty.  


The 3D-Secure framework has provided a solid ecosystem allowing merchants, issuers and consumers to enable that checkout process. RSA Adaptive Authentication for e-Commerce provides issuers with the required technology to take their business to the next level, delivering on those key metrics.  

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of RSA Adaptive Authentication for e-Commerce v20.8. This release expands our offering and focuses on the following key areas:  


  • Expansion to new domains: JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)  
    The new EMV 3DS protocol makes inline checkout and authentication significantly more seamless and frictionless to consumers, merchants and issuers alike, catering to various dynamic use cases across digital device types and platforms. With more flexibility and a native fit to today’s consumer environments, more organizations and commercial programs are onboarding to this new standard.  

With this release, RSA Adaptive Authentication for e-Commerce expands into new domains, preventing fraud while providing a frictionless checkout experience to genuine users when they shop using their JCB cards.  

  • Introducing Behavioral Biometrics as a silent authentication factor  
    The European market is transitioning into the PSD2 SCA (Payment Service Directive #2 Strong Consumer Authentication) era, which is about assuring security and eliminating fraud as digital finical traffic increases. The cross-European continent regulation defines the strict technology and security requirements digital payments should meet  in order to be classified as secured, genuine and meeting regulations. PSD2 SCA strongly recommends leveraging the EMV 3DS ecosystem to meet the authentication requirement. Our new Behavioral Biometrics option, integrated in the existing one-time password  (OTP) feature delivers on the requirement for strong two-factor authentication. The OTP provides proof of possession, and Behavioral Biometrics provides proof of inheritance. Behavioral Biometrics  is natively integrated into the payment checkout authentication flow, seamlessly, and with no extra friction, providing a beautiful balance between secured payment flows and consumers convenience.  


Check out the product advisory for more details:RSA Announces the Release of Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce 20.8