• Is MFA or 2FA possible for AA4ECOM back-office UIs?

    Hi, my company is using RSA AA4ECOM and that also has some back-office User Interfaces. We would like to use a MFA (or 2FA if MFA is not an option) login solution for all these interfaces. Do these UIs supp...
    Jeffrey Koppenol
    created by Jeffrey Koppenol
  • In AAoP 7.30 no unique reference ID is generated for Case

    A unique reference number which is called case ID is required to identify any specific case. Can this be customized as per organizations requirement.
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • Green flag and red flag transaction

    In RSA AAOP 7.3 green flag and red flag transaction can be separated. It will be more useful if we can segregate it on the basis of financial transactions and non financial transactions.
    sharwan kumar
    created by sharwan kumar
  • In RSA AAOP 7.30 threshold amount

    In RSA AAOP 7.30 the threshold amount are defined in Paisa formate but it should be in Indian rupees. Being a global product it must be global friendly. Request RSA team to kindly look into it's feasibility.
    sharwan kumar
    created by sharwan kumar
  • How can we confirm fully authenticated approved fraud within the reporting portal?

    Using the reporting for RSA AA for Ecommerce reporting suite is there any way to confirm fraud losses that were from fully authenticated logins? If this is not the case? Why can we not confirm this? Thanks
    Jacob Whitehouse
    last modified by Jacob Whitehouse
  • Receivng Error "Invalid Search Report" message when attempting to access Report

    When I click on a certain report within Archer I receive the following error message:       I would like to know what this entails and if there is a possible solution. All help on this matter is...
    Daniel Tanner
    last modified by Daniel Tanner