• Unified Payment System(UPI)

    Now a days maximum fraudulent transactions in India are happening in UPI. Does RSA has any solution catering to this need.  
    kapil taragi
    created by kapil taragi
  • Handling and accepting special characters

    Hi, I'm getting the error processing while passing the field value as per attached. What is the best way to avoid those errors or is there any configuration required to allow such characters to be accepted by RSA?
  • How can we ensure and test the Successfull Installation of RSA AAOP 7.3

    Hi Team,   I have installed the below modules for RSA 7.3 version as mentioned below and deployed it on Tomcat server. Now, I just want to validate the successful installation of my core and back office applicat...
    Ajay Dhyani
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  • Geoip updation

    how to download geoip updated list provided by maxmind#
    Rajesh K
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  • CORDOVA plugin for MobileSDK

    Mobile development team from our financial institution enquired on the availability of Apache cordova plugin for RSA AAOP - MobileSDK.    Please let me know  1. availability? 2. is it advis...
  • Data Breach Today Podcast: Open Banking: Fighting Back Against Fraud

    Daniel Cohen, recently joined Tracy Kitten to discuss PSD2, the Revised Payment Service Directive, which takes effect this year in Europe. How will open banking, also known as banking as a service, aff...
    David Dewald Jr.
    created by David Dewald Jr.
  • cross site scripting

    Has anyone experienced vulnerability using rsa.js version is 7.1P6
  • Raw Data Reports

    RSA uses HTTPS for their raw data reports and requires PGP encryption to grab the reports from the site. We are currently having issues automatically grabbing the reports because of the question asked during decryptio...
    Carey Hamel
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  • Hibernate session error

    I am having an issue that when I try to login after 30 minutes of inactivity through a netscaler my first initial login times out after about a 5 minute wait. After that the next logins are successful with no issues. ...
    Rudy Ybarra
    created by Rudy Ybarra
  • Policy Rule - Different IP Address

    I'm trying to set up a rule in policy management that would challenge a user if he/she has a different IP address from previous history.   For example:  User ABC logs in with IP address today and l...
    Patrick Wong
    created by Patrick Wong
  • Resending a Challenge

    We've made an integration with RSA Adaptive Authentication (On-Premise), there is now a simple request from the client and we would appreciate you help to do so.   What is the best way to Resend a Challeng...
    Tiago Santos
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  • retrieve true client IP on native mobile implementation

    Can you point to how we can retrieve true client IP on native mobile implementation while integrating with AA mobile SDK.
    Naveen Sinha
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  • Apache port 443 and non standard port 1443

    do we have any restriction for desgin pattern which says we should use only port 443 for apache web server listener.
  • RSA Adaptive Authentication Error

    We are using RSA Adaptive Authentication in our Application for Multi factor authentication. From the application we are calling for analyze Risk report using RSA Api. But sometime the call gets timed out and we get b...
    RSA Admin
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  • RSA Fraud team in Israel Meet Up summary

    The RSA Fraud team in Israel hosted a successful Meet Up with AppsFlyer on identifying fraud among billions of events. We had a turnout of 35 people who were very interested in understanding how we detect fraud and w...
    Oded Peer
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  • Can AAoP be installed on Amazon AWS Cloud?

    Can AAoP be installed on Amazon AWS Cloud?
    huan zhou
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