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Hinalben Gohil
Hi, I am trying to run Multi-App Entitlement Collector and when its executing the 'Entitlement Data Collection' task it tends to fail with the below error message. What causes the below error message?    EC[31002] Context[Collector Name=Multi-Application Entitlement Collector, Agent Name=AveksaAgent, Data Run… (Show more)
George Kwakkernaat
Click to view contentFor all our requests workflows, we have set up a slightly modified version default AFX fullfillment workflow as our fulfillment flow, as such:   This works fine for fulfilling regular requests, but we've noticed something strange when we cancel a request with the Revert Changes option on. The Revert Changes workflow seems to (also) be… (Show more)
Aditya Naga
Hello,   Certain forms that we are using on one of the node of our clustered environment is facing re-direction issue. Replication steps:- 1) Open the form 2) Fill in the mandatory fields in the first page & click on 'Next' 3) The next page can be seen only for a few seconds post that we will be re-directed to the home page.   As of now we… (Show more)
Maninder Bhamrah
Hi,    I am getting the below error, I have only made modification in SQL query in the workflow and not touched the variables still getting the error.    com.workpoint.common.exception.ScriptEngineException: com.workpoint.common.exception.ScriptEngineException: com.workpoint.common.exception.ScriptEngineException: Script Engine cannot perform… (Show more)
Muzammil K
Dear Experts, Hope you all are healthy and doing well.   Just wanted to check in review definitions if there is a possibility to have bulk enabled but only for "Maintain" action and have "Revoke" action disabled in bulk.   The reason is Bulk action is really convenient, however few users ended up using bulk to revoke all access by mistake and… (Show more)
Shlomo Katz
New installation RSA appliance. New installation: 7.2  and then patched to p2. I am trying to upgrade the connector templates, however, the import process says the zip file is invalid. I have downloaded it a couple of times and was even able to extract the file on my desktop.   Is this a known bug?
Aastha Malhotra
Hi All,   We have a requirement to collect the data from Windows Active Directory Share Folders through Data Access Collectors.    As we have only three types of Data source type while creating new Data Access Collector i.e Database, Data Entitlement Aggregator, DEA Legacy. There is no source of collecting data access(File or Folder Permissions,… (Show more)
Aastha Malhotra
Click to view contentHi,    We are trying to get the approvals done via Email directly by clicking on the Accept or Reject link i.e using the OOTB Variables ${ValidReplyAnswers} but once we click on Accept or Reject it is re-directed to Mail window where it is asking to create an account. Can someone please guide here which account needs to be added and why because… (Show more)
Marcel van Kekeren
Click to view contentData Resource Access Reviews are a good way to review access to file shares because is combines accounts of users and orphan accounts, something that is not possible in a user access review.      Recently we noticed that the behavior of the review differs per folder. in some folders the review shows the individual accounts on other folders the… (Show more)
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