• Request Form Control Type- Drop Down Select With Web Service

    Hi,   We are using a control type drop down select with web service to fetch run time value from the application database. The values are shown in alphabetical order under the drop down. ex: select TBC   ...
    Sunil Rajbhar
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  • Register User Command

    I am currently setting up a form to register new contractors. One issue I am seeing is with the enforce uniqueness with the naming policy. That seems to work fine if a collection takes place between registering new us...
    Daniel Ekerman
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  • Manage all AccessControls of Salesforce

    We are working on Salesforce integration approach. We understood from Salesforce team that they have the below following user access controls on application - Permission Sets Profiles Public Groups Queues  R...
    Dushyant Singh
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  • Role Missing Entitlements Rule Creates Duplicate Requests

    We are on IGL  7.1.1 P05 HF02 and are using Roles.   Issue: IGL Roles have "Missing Required Entitlements", some if which are manually-provisioned Entitlements.  The "Role Missing Entitlements Rule" d...
    Chris Pope
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  • JSP Not Working: Unable to get managed Connection

    We are using a jsp page in request form to fetch certain values from application database. The jsp was working fine but suddenly we have started getting Unable to get manager connections error.   ERROR: java.sql...
    Sunil Rajbhar
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  • Modify submission request form

    Hello,   On a request submission form, is it possible to add text next to 'Revocation Date'? Our customers are filling this option thinking it is a date when the request should be fulfilled ..... We would like t...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Triggering Javascript Form Control When Entitlement Action is Selected

    Hi,   We have some applications that are accessed through Citrix.  These applications have their own internal entitlements, which we have created a request form to manage.  Access to the Citrix applica...
    Kevin Fitzgerald
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  • Group attributes in Pending Account Parameters in Account Template?

    Hello there,   Can we use group attributes in Pending Account Parameters in Account Template? For example if we need the account name based on the OU of the group which is collected in a group attribute, like, ...
    Neeraja Mahajan
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  • Manual Fulfillment Request Form

    Hello, Is there a way to alphabetize app roles and entitlements within a Manual Fulfillment request activity? See attached picture.
    Nicolas Kirby
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  • DAG StealthAudit with Sharepoint integration error

    Hello,   we are trying to run stealthaudit jobs for sharepoint server and getting the below errors as apart of SPAA_System Scan job. 1. Failed to process site collection https://km.company.com. System.NullRefe...
    shakti nayak
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  • Indirect Entitlements in Access Request Form

    Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form.     Since the above question was marked as assumed answered, I'm posting here with the same question. I tested this...
    Philip Martinez
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  • HashiVault

    Has any one worked with RSA IG&L and Hashi Vault integration?  Looking both ways: 1. RSA IG&L  passwords be saved in Hashi Vault ( not CyberArk) 2. Using RSA IG&L's access request management fe...
    bhat sunita
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  • IG&L Change Request creation through Web Service call from ServiceNow

    We are working on integrating ServiceNow with IG&L for access request using the createChangeRequest web service call. Login Web Service successfully returns token to ServiceNow but when serviceNow calls createChan...
  • Prevent "Privileged" Accounts from getting Role Entitlements

    I found this: https://community.rsa.com/message/946614 when I did a search.  It is similar to the issue we are encountering but I wanted to bring it up in case there is another solution someone has come...
    Chris Pope
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  • Password reset for others - view password link

    Hello Everyone,   I was trying to reset password in the AD for the users using reset password for others option.(password will be generated by system) In this case user receive email about the one time view pas...
    Pankaj Rana
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  • How to create SOAP request with attachment for Service-now

    Hello All,   I have a requirement where I need to create Snow request using SOAP Web Service node with an attachment.I have a job variable and it has CR Items details and I need to send those details t...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • avform variables not populating values

    Hi All,   Today we are facing some issue related to avform variables in request forms and i dont see variable is populating/resolving against '${avform.application.Name}' and other application related variables,...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Data Purging Not getting completed

    We have data purging activity scheduled on our RSA 7.1.0P06 system on weekly basis. Maximum run-time is set to 8 hours. But after 8 hours also the data purging activity is still running and does not gets completed or ...
    Sunil Rajbhar
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  • How to use field/form level validation for DD web service variable

    I want to have a field/form level validation stating that i am fetching account using drop down with web service and i want to have an error message populated if the account is null in the drop down.   I  h...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • role review not trigering a change in all casses

    When we perform a fine grained Role review not all changes that are made seem so result in an item in the change preview tab of the review.      changes that not result in a item in de change preview...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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