• Can we display entitlement(based on search ) in entitlement table similar to review

    Hi All I am looking for a solution where my entitlement value collected is more than 4 million data for a specific application and i have to get the value of each identifier for access request around 18k identifier ....
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Reviews

    Hi Guys   Is it not possible to print out the result of a completed review?   I need to show it to the IT audit Team.   Best Regards Martin
    Martin Olesen
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  • Review and AFX

    Hi Guys I have made a review on some app roles and want to automatic have them removed after approver have selected revoked on the user. The review works fine, but i dont know how to proceed to pass it on to the AFX,...
    Martin Olesen
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  • how to review individual accounts in a Data Resource Access Review

    Data Resource Access Reviews are a good way to review access to file shares because is combines accounts of users and orphan accounts, something that is not possible in a user access review.      Rec...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Segregation of duties : expiration right

    Hello,   We want to implement Segregation Of Duties in RSA IG&L (V7.1.1 P03).   We would like to use the "Generate User Access review for involved user using review definition" feature when launching t...
    Nicolas Lebris
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  • Do we have a way to restrict AD Disabled Account in Access Request and Reviews

    HI All,   i have to collect Active Directory disable accounts in the Account  collection .   But i dont want to show that account in Access request ,Reviews.   Note :  Now  i am able t...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • How can I configure Access review Results with status 'ON HOLD' to be invisible/ hidden for Supervisors and Delegates?

    Hello Dear Community!   We have the issue that Access review Results with the status 'ON HOLD' are visible for Supervisors and Delegates. This leads to misunderstandings. I assume is acontrol somewhere unde...
    Georgi Ilchev
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  • User access review - Application Coverage?

    Hi,   Does the "application coverage" in the user access performs statistics based on a snapshot at the time of the review generation or does it perform stats based on the current state of the collection?
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Group attributes not searchable under Users --> Groups view

    Hello,    We're running IG&L P01    I came across an annoying bug where searches performed on a Group page (Users --> Groups) aren't searching the Group Backup owner fiel...
    Prateek Bhatnagar
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  • Programmatic Review Naming

    Hi folks,   We're starting a new process that could result in new reviews being generated daily. For easy identification of individual reviews, we'd like to have them named with a date in the review name. Right ...
    Alex Grant
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  • Passing workflow job variable to IGL report

    This is becoming more urgent with every passing day.  Having hundreds of review definitions and reports going along with them, it becomes unmanageable.  So I want to create a report "template" that would tak...
    Boleslaw Mynarski
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  • IGL 7.1 - how to clean up old/redundant scheduled tasks

    Have observed old scheduled tasks still being run, e.g. review refreshes or custom tasks, despite the review being complete or the custom task renamed and updated with new scheduling information.   Where is the ...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Review | Option to have Bulk Maintain but not Bulk Revoke

    Dear Experts, Hope you all are healthy and doing well.   Just wanted to check in review definitions if there is a possibility to have bulk enabled but only for "Maintain" action and have "Revoke" action disable...
    Muzammil K
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  • Multi-Step Review Reminders

    In the use case of a multi-step review, I am trying to configure my reminders. This is an scheduled review, so looking to do so in the review definition.   The cadence I'm looking for is for step 1 to run 2...
    William May
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  • IG&L database tables : any examples?

    Hello everybody. I am starting to study the IG&L database tables to better understand the solution. I have seen in many threads that you often query the tables from inside the workflows, often in the event of a ...
    Falco Dussault
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  • How to create a Review Display View for Account & Access Review Entitlements

    Hi,   Is their a way to create custom display view for ' Account Access and Ownership' entitlement via Reviews -> Configurations menu ? I can create custom display view for the Account  but I can't ...
    Hinalben Gohil
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  • Technical Role owner review if the role should be an entitlement of a Business Role

    Hello all!   I have a customer that has this use case: They have Technical Roles as entitlements of Business Roles. Both Technical and Business Roles have their owners. They want the owners of the Technical Rol...
    Rafael Ferreira
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  • Confirmation of ownership email prior to review

    For each review, we manually send a "Confirmation of ownership" type email to each reviewer. Is there a way to have a review create/send an email to all reviewers a week prior to the review start that contains a list ...
    Carrie Banman
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  • A Completed Review was arbitrarily changed to an "On Hold" Status, V7.2

    I have a 2 Part User Access Review where Part-1 was Complete and Part-2 was Active and the Supervisor was in the process of working the Review.  He said he'd worked on it some this morning but when he attempted t...
    Mark Deaton
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  • IGL User Access Review filter by entitlement long description

    I am using the Version RSA IGL 7.1 P09   Problem:    In the User Access Review I wanted to perform a review for specific application entitlements which has matching keyword in the long description. e...
    Lakshman Varadharajan
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