• Technical Role owner review if the role should be an entitlement of a Business Role

    Hello all!   I have a customer that has this use case: They have Technical Roles as entitlements of Business Roles. Both Technical and Business Roles have their owners. They want the owners of the Technical Rol...
    Rafael Ferreira
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  • Confirmation of ownership email prior to review

    For each review, we manually send a "Confirmation of ownership" type email to each reviewer. Is there a way to have a review create/send an email to all reviewers a week prior to the review start that contains a list ...
    Carrie Banman
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  • A Completed Review was arbitrarily changed to an "On Hold" Status, V7.2

    I have a 2 Part User Access Review where Part-1 was Complete and Part-2 was Active and the Supervisor was in the process of working the Review.  He said he'd worked on it some this morning but when he attempted t...
    Mark Deaton
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  • IGL User Access Review filter by entitlement long description

    I am using the Version RSA IGL 7.1 P09   Problem:    In the User Access Review I wanted to perform a review for specific application entitlements which has matching keyword in the long description. e...
    Lakshman Varadharajan
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  • Continued questions about version 7.1

    It is not possible for a reviewer to adjust text wrapping and Table width in Table Option.   Can this affect the problem we are experiencing regarding rows and white fields. Also that the view/ window is cut so t...
    Lena Nilsson
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  • How to create a Review Display View for Account & Access Review Entitlements

    Hi,   Is their a way to create custom display view for ' Account Access and Ownership' entitlement via Reviews -> Configurations menu ? I can create custom display view for the Account  but I can't ...
    Hinalben Gohil
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  • Is there a way to include Review Comments in the Detail Line of a Review?

    We are converting to the new Review Interface.  To duplicate the Legacy Review process, where our Security Team performed the review and made 'Revoke/Maintain Recommendations' before the Supervisor/Owner performe...
    Mark Deaton
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  • DAG or alternatives for collecting server accounts

    Hi,   One of the clients is looking at using L&G for collecting Windows (2008,2012 etc.) and Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX etc.) server accounts. They have a few hundred servers.   1. Technically can DAG m...
    Sandeep Sharma
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  • How do I adjust so the complete text is visible when select “Click to view review details” in a User Access Review in 7.1.1?

    The picture is shown how it looks like when I have clicked to see the review details. So how do I adjust for so the complete text is shown for the Business Source? How do I adjust how the comment section will be show...
    Åsa Berg
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  • Review Default Row Setting

    Hello, Is there a way to change the default row per page setting in a review?   We are specifically using a User Access Review and one of our most common complaints from previous years was the limit to 20 per p...
    Christopher Smith
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  • role review not trigering a change in all casses

    When we perform a fine grained Role review not all changes that are made seem so result in an item in the change preview tab of the review.      changes that not result in a item in de change preview...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Limit delegation of review items

    Has there been any recent product updates to restrict the list of users that someone can delegate review items to? I thought I remember this being an enhancement in the backlog a while back so just curious if any new ...
    William May
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  • Group attributes not searchable under Users --> Groups view

    Hello,    We're running IG&L P01    I came across an annoying bug where searches performed on a Group page (Users --> Groups) aren't searching the Group Backup owner fiel...
    Prateek Bhatnagar
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  • IN Business Source vs HAS business Source: difference

    Hi. Sorry for the simple question, but I'm a bit confused about the difference of the usage In Business Source Has Business Source.   If I take this screenshot (it is a review, and i'm checking orphan account...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • Account review - unable to filter out Disabled Accounts

    7.2 Hello I have an Account review that looks at an Active Directory group membership for the accounts to review. We have accepted "disabled accounts" in this group that I do not want in this review.   When I...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • Automated process for updating custom attributes

    Hi All, We've a use case to update tags for  specific groups, entitlement and app roles of all applications in G&L to identify them uniquely and pull them in review definition based on that tag informatio...
    Abhinav Athikam
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  • How to add a reviewer to 'Active' Review?

    I added a reviewer on the blue blocked section (check below ss) on an active review. Reviewer couldn't see the review.      Do we need any refresh after adding new reviewer? On the Refresh Review Ite...
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • Maintain in Analysis & Guidance Panel

    In a Reviewdefinition, on the tab States, it is possible to change what is to be shown for Maintain and Revoke. But this setting does not affect the Analysis & Guidance panel in a Review. How do I change “Ma...
    Åsa Berg
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  • Account deleted while it is part of active Account Review

    Hi,   I have come across a situation where an account that is part of an active account review, that is yet to be actioned upon, has been deleted. The review does not have any indication that the account ha...
    Rahul Katariya
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  • Expose RSA User Access Review to a Third Party App/Website

    Dear Fellow Experts, Trust everyone is safe and healthy.   We have a requirement where the customer wants to have the user access review within their own app (Third party app). So the user would log into their ...
    Muzammil K
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