• Limit Role Owner Permissions

    Good Morning,   Is it possible to limit role owners to view only on the role page & sub pages? We'd like them to make changes only through buttons we configure. Is this possible?
    Nathan Hans
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  • Is there a way to have account changes for Role based access request instead of user changes

    Hi All,   I have a requirement to enable Account based role request via Request form . Currently Role request will handle in user level . But our requirement is to have the entitlement part of Roles to be tagged...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • How to show entitlements based on the requester  who is part of the Role

    Hi ,   I have a Requirement few users are part of the Role  and while requesting entitlements/accesses for specific application i have to display some extra entitlements to the user who are requester part o...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Bulk Upload Ent's to Roles

    I have to upload 1200 entitlements to 400 roles. These roles are under multiple role sets. is there a way to bulk upload these entitlements? I know we can create collector if they are all under one role set but h...
    Srikanth Bachu
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  • Updating Custom Role User Type Attribute in RSA IGL

    Hello There,   We have two extra backup owners on our Business and Technical roles, which were created using custom attributes for Roles, these are CAU1 and CAU2. Is it possible to update the values with backup...
    Neeraja Mahajan
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  • Is there a way to see WHO made a change to a role?

    Recently we've had a number of roles be changed and left uncommitted. We can see WHAT is being changed, but we can't see WHO changed it, so we cannot follow up to see WHY it is in a changed state.   My question...
    Nathan Hans
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  • Out of office delegation

    Hello there,   I have a question about the delegation that comes from the Out Of Office function!   I have a role assigned to a Manual Fulfillment node, anyone in this role will get this activity assigned ...
    Johan Arvidsson
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  • Technical Role owner review if the role should be an entitlement of a Business Role

    Hello all!   I have a customer that has this use case: They have Technical Roles as entitlements of Business Roles. Both Technical and Business Roles have their owners. They want the owners of the Technical Rol...
    Rafael Ferreira
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  • Prevent non-Requestable Entitlements and Apps from Being Added to a Role

    We are on 7.1.1 P05 HF01.   We would like to prevent Roles from containing Entitlements which 1) Belong to an Application that has Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions set to "Yes" or ...
    Chris Pope
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  • Confirmation of ownership email prior to review

    For each review, we manually send a "Confirmation of ownership" type email to each reviewer. Is there a way to have a review create/send an email to all reviewers a week prior to the review start that contains a list ...
    Carrie Banman
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  • Role Missing Entitlements Rule Creates Duplicate Requests

    We are on IGL  7.1.1 P05 HF02 and are using Roles.   Issue: IGL Roles have "Missing Required Entitlements", some if which are manually-provisioned Entitlements.  The "Role Missing Entitlements Rule" d...
    Chris Pope
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  • IGL Roles and auto-assignment of entitlements

    Hello, we have an interesting situation.  Right now, we have roles set up for all employees to gain access in our Oracle EBS suite as part of their birthright access when they join the company.  The entitlem...
    Alan Abcarian
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  • Dynamic SoD's?

    Hi Community!   I currently have a use case where I have a role set with let's say 600 roles. This role set consists of roles that have a read and write version. For example I have 'Role A - Write' and 'Role A -...
    Tim Willemstein
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  • Prevent "Privileged" Accounts from getting Role Entitlements

    I found this: https://community.rsa.com/message/946614 when I did a search.  It is similar to the issue we are encountering but I wanted to bring it up in case there is another solution someone has come...
    Chris Pope
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  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) and Segregation of Duty (SoD)

    We are in the process of implementing Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) which has brought up issues related to SoD.   Scenario: Application-A has two Entitlements: User-access and Admin-access, these are mutually...
    Chris Pope
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  • Indirect Relationship Processing/Role Import Error

    Hello, Currently on 7.1.1 P07.  This issues manifested itself over 1 week after patch installation.   Indirect Relationship Processing fails after every collection.  ADC or EDC, does not matter Collec...
    Christopher Smith
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  • Role collector history for deleted entitlements

    Hello All,   We have a roles and collecting members and entitlements from role collector(from csv file). In the feed one/more entitlements deleted and collected in ARC and those entitlements got removed from the...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • role review not trigering a change in all casses

    When we perform a fine grained Role review not all changes that are made seem so result in an item in the change preview tab of the review.      changes that not result in a item in de change preview...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Revisiting Request Hierarchy Parents

    Env: 7.1.1 P3, Wildfly, RSA Oracle 12c supplied database, Appliance I see Hierarchy issues have been addressed, however, I am still at a loss. I have a Role with a very long membership rule (maxe...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • How  to disable Remove button from Members and entitlement tab under Roles

    Hi ,   I want to disable the Remove button for the  roles where no one must have a option to remove members/entitlements in  the role.       Could you please help me how can it...
    Durga Revanth T
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