• How to update Email Template in a DB Table?

    I need to update email content in many workflows. I would like to check if there is any way to update email content directly in the database tables to save time on Testing and Migrating workflows from lower to upper e...
    Dileep Gurram
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  • Split action for the approval workflow

    Dears,   Unfortunately, we have a situation when the approval phase should go to Business Owner (BSO) approval but somehow a change request takes additional wf (entitlement owner approval wf) and splits the appr...
    Pchelintseva Olga
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  • Split a Change Request into Separate Requests

    Hello,   Is there a system, application or workflow setting that would force requests from a specific source (such as roles) to be split into unique requests by person?   If the request generates an error&...
    Ryan Christopher
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  • Register User Command

    I am currently setting up a form to register new contractors. One issue I am seeing is with the enforce uniqueness with the naming policy. That seems to work fine if a collection takes place between registering new us...
    Daniel Ekerman
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  • Getting AD groups from AD accounts

    Hi,   Need you help again :-) I am creating a workflow where is must look at AD group membership and depending on which AD groups the user is member of, then is should do something.   My qustion is how can...
    Martin Olesen
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  • Options to avoid using iFrame with URLs

    When attempting to launch an external webpage from within RSA IGL (For example: Request-Configuration-Request Button - and selection the action - Go to External URL), the system launches the page in an IFrame.  &...
    Bob Thurston
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  • How to set group by category in fulfillment phase

    HI All,   Could you let me know how the group by category works. As we have implemented in approval level to get the owner id but now the requirement we want to use the group by  some variable in fulfillmen...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Manual Fulfillment Request Form

    Hello, Is there a way to alphabetize app roles and entitlements within a Manual Fulfillment request activity? See attached picture.
    Nicolas Kirby
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  • Workflow hangs when accessing via an Load Balancer

    We have recently migrated IGL from WebSphere to WildFly application Server and testing is in progress. The current configuration is having load balancer (F5) in front of webservers & Application server. We...
    Anil Allaparthi
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  • Register User Email Event

    We have configured a use case to create external users in Active Directory using Register User Form. While using RegisterUserPasswordEvent Email-template we are getting the account name in the form of account DN e.g (...
    Pankaj Rana
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  • Use provisioning form variable in workflow

    Hello All,   I have a provisioning form which I am using during joiner and I have one input field in that form (provisioning type) which I need to use in the fulfillment workflow for AD.   Any idea how I c...
    Pankaj Rana
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  • Configure Provisioning Command

    Is there a description of how to configure a Provisioning Command in a custom task wf?   I want to update one attribute in an AD for a group of users.   What is the exact difference between Update an accou...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • How to create SOAP request with attachment for Service-now

    Hello All,   I have a requirement where I need to create Snow request using SOAP Web Service node with an attachment.I have a job variable and it has CR Items details and I need to send those details t...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • Call IDC webservice for single user

    I have requirement to run the AD IDC and ADC to be run after the joiner process run, I have configure the steps to call IDC and ADC using web-service provided by RSA. Issue is it is running for all the users/accounts....
    Pankaj Rana
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  • Form to create an account: SSH and AFX

    Hello. I created an ssh connector connected to a Linux endpoint as application. It is called "Identity Services" and it just create accounts directly on that Linux server. The connector works well: I did the tests an...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • Same entitlements for different accounts for one identity?

    Dears,    We're using multiple accounts per identity from same AD for different purpose - a-accounts for regular application access and t-accounts - for testing purposes (avoiding approval phase). There are...
    Andrii Drobenko
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  • Reset Password for someone else.

    Hello -   did anyone implemented reset password for other user (special/service identity) using default form. I am able to run the default password form as admin user, but anyone who is non-admin user is not abl...
    Hemant Mandle
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  • IGL 7.1.1 - Any way to enable email approval on replies to escalation emails

    We have email approval enabled for pretty much all our different approval scenarios but, inevitably, some people do not complete their tasks by the due date … so we have typical escalations setup, i.e. now over...
    Andy Cheek
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  • IGL 7 - how to customise Out Of Office

    The new Out Of Office option looks to be a useful feature, especially as it exposes already created/assigned approval/activity tasks to the delegate not just new ones. However …the default form/workflow are rel...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Simple workflow request

    Hi everyone. Can I ask for "easy" help? I am studying the workflows within IGL 7.1. I would like to ask you for a little help as documentation is not so clear for me.   In an authorization workflow of a request...
    Shanelle Blake
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