• Access Request Form for administrators with all authorizations

    Hi, I'm looking for a form or procedure that allows a system administrator to request authorizations for others not bound by "Disabled", "not available for request", application restrictions or membership rules. In o...
    Frank Koster
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  • What view contains the EnvironmentName?

    Hi, Using EnvironmentName is not desired directly from the Table T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS What (public) view contains this information?  Thanks   SELECT Value as WF_SYSTEM_ENVIRONMENT FROM T_SYSTEM_SETTIN...
    Frank Koster
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  • Delay node show the delay date\history date in status

    Hi, In a fulfillment workflow we build a delay of 14days. The delay end date is visible in the workflow variables Delay Date. This future date I like to show in the node status or in the next-step Milestone statu...
    Frank Koster
    created by Frank Koster
  • Admin Errors Queue Depth

    Hi community,   I'm using RSA IGL 7.1.1 and admin errors keep coming. Right now IGL is used only for for user, accounts and entitlement collection, no custom tasks and provisioning.   I've never changed thes...
    Marta Benedetti
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  • Collect Group as AppRole from Active Directory

    Hi community,   I need to collect account and entitlements for an Application. This application is integrated with Active Directory and the access to it is given by group membership. I'd like to collect AD gro...
    Marta Benedetti
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  • Can we display entitlement(based on search ) in entitlement table similar to review

    Hi All I am looking for a solution where my entitlement value collected is more than 4 million data for a specific application and i have to get the value of each identifier for access request around 18k identifier ....
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Need to auto select account values in form B based on user selection in Form A

    Hi,   I have a form which initially populates the users and when 2 3 or all users are selected and clicked on next, the AD accounts of those users should be visible.   But the account selection field ...
    Maninder Bhamrah
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  • Log as sysdba

    Hello,   I have problem with login directly as sysdba using sqlplus.   hostname:~ # su - oracle oracle@hostname:~> sqlplus / as sysdba   SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed Jan 13 11:57...
    Robert Kowalczyk
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  • External Password Reset Form

    Hi everyone,    Please advise on the following case if possible:   We're using IGL 7.2, and we have a need to allow service desk to reset password for partner's accounts, as they (partners) don't have...
    Andrii Drobenko
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  • Reviews

    Hi Guys   Is it not possible to print out the result of a completed review?   I need to show it to the IT audit Team.   Best Regards Martin
    Martin Olesen
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  • Modify hostname issue

    Hi Experts,   In the process of upgrading the RSA IGL environment from 7.0 to 7.2, we have installed the 7.2 P04 version on a new VM and have imported the AVDB schema to the new VM.   The old VM was t...
    Souvik Rudra
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  • Others' Passwords Reset flow issue

    RSA IGL 7.1.1   Use Case: an administrator resets a user's password which is randomly generated and a link to view the new password is sent to the user's email address (default Reset Password button + Default Re...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • Image is not visible in the email when sent to end user

    Image is added in “user interface section “ and it is visible in Email logs but we are receiving the image in the mail that is sent to end users.
    Mayank Mishra
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  • Identity Unification failed with error ORA-06512: at "AVUSER.UNFC_PROCESSOR", line 66 in version 7.2.0 P03

    Hi,   Identity Unification failing with below error. Version is 7.2.0 P03, kindly suggest resolution, thankyou in advance.   com.aveksa.server.db.PersistenceException: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolat...
    Maninder Bhamrah
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  • MYSQL CONNECTOR FAILS with Could not create connection to database server

    Hi All,   I was able to make a connection successfully from within the mysql collector. But When I tre to make the same connection in the connector it throws the error: Connection error: Cannot get connection f...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • workflow variables email recipient

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to create a custom task in order so send email 15 days before account expiration. The account is collected from AD with its attribute accountExpires. In my custom task all I do i...
    Marta Benedetti
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  • Separating DB from existing single instance deployment of RSA IGL

    Existing RSA IGL is deployed in single instance, do we have any recommendation document or design document which can be used for separating database (RSA supplied) and AFX server with existing running instance.
    Rakesh Srivastava
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  • Request could not be handled error in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Request Forms

    When running a provision form I get the following error. Any suggestions?   It happens after pressing an enable button and clicking on next.   Unlike a similar question this is not in editing but in run mo...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • Naming Policies in Account creation and Account Template

    Hello to all. It seems to me that the naming policy can only be applied to resources of type "Directory" and not Application. I need, when creating an account, to use a specific format like "first letter of the name...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • when you want to choose account under applicative user

    when you want to choose account under applicative user (to add entitlement)  and you have more than 50 accounts, you can see only the first 50 accounts even in the next pages. This is a bug and I can't find any ...
    Lilach Bar Natan
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