• RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - Wed Oct 28th 2020

    10/28/20 11:00 AM
    Calling all RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle clients....   You are invited to a Zoom webinar. Please register with your company domain email, here: Webinar Registration - Zoom   Note: You MUST...
    Jamie Pryer
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    RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - Wed Oct 28th 2020
  • aveksa/command.submit?cmd=loginUser with AuthSource=SSO

    Hello Environment: 7.1.1 Patch 1  I am trying to get the loginUser token with the above command "https://.....aveksa/command.submit?cmd=loginUser&AuthSource=SSO"       Problem: When using Au...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • How to update Email Template in a DB Table?

    I need to update email content in many workflows. I would like to check if there is any way to update email content directly in the database tables to save time on Testing and Migrating workflows from lower to upper e...
    Dileep Gurram
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  • Create an entitlement in IGL

    Hello everybody. I would like some advice and know how to better obtain this use-case. IGL usually works by collecting entitlements (already present) from various endpoints and then, once the entitlements are known an...
    Shanelle Blake
    created by Shanelle Blake
  • How to create a Review Display View for Account & Access Review Entitlements

    Hi,   Is their a way to create custom display view for ' Account Access and Ownership' entitlement via Reviews -> Configurations menu ? I can create custom display view for the Account  but I can't ...
    Hinalben Gohil
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  • IGL 7.1.1 - Any way to enable email approval on replies to escalation emails

    We have email approval enabled for pretty much all our different approval scenarios but, inevitably, some people do not complete their tasks by the due date … so we have typical escalations setup, i.e. now over...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Password reset URL

    Hello,   We've created new dashboard and added several custom buttons. One of the buttons we want to have available directly from the main dashboar is Password Reset button. Problem with this, is that password r...
    Martin Piroh
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  • fulfill changes described in form

    In my termination form there are some actions which have to be done outside of IGL scope. I mean there are some instructions about the user's home folder, mobile phone, mailbox, etc which are not managed in IGL but st...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • Request Managment when IDs are reused

    I have an application that has a limited number of logins available and they reuse IDs when folks leave or no longer require access. They essentially reset the ID and reassign privileges for the new user.   This...
    William May
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  • Forms re-direction issue on 7.1.1 P05

    Hello,   Certain forms that we are using on one of the node of our clustered environment is facing re-direction issue. Replication steps:- 1) Open the form 2) Fill in the mandatory fields in the first page &a...
    Aditya Naga
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  • Use Custom AFX variable w/ Register User Form?

     The requirement is to have the requestor fill out a form to create an account for a contractor. One of the fields in the form is to choose a supervisor from the user picker. What I'm trying to do is extract the ...
    Daniel Ekerman
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  • Error establishing a connection with the LDAP

    When I click the Test button for a Account Collector it returns a couple of accounts from an LDAP.   But when I open the AC in edit mode and press the Test Connection button I get    com.aveksa.common...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • Making entitlement Not Request-able

    Hello,   I have a need to make roughly 250,000 entitlements not request-able in an application which collects database entitlements.   I know we can make entitlements not request-able in the UI, is there a...
    Christopher Smith
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  • How to show entitlements based on the requester  who is part of the Role

    Hi ,   I have a Requirement few users are part of the Role  and while requesting entitlements/accesses for specific application i have to display some extra entitlements to the user who are requester part o...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • EOF on Socket error

    Customer has moved from OnPremise to O365. So had to change  URL for Inbound server. Getting Error : Failed to connect to Inbound Email server. Details EOF on socket).     PFB error:   Pleas...
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • Supported protocols for Inbound Email

    Hello,   Does RSA IGL supports only POP3 ? Are there any plans for it to support MAPI ? Are there any support documentation that says exactly how this needs to be configured with permission levels, etc ?  ...
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • Out of office delegation

    Hello there,   I have a question about the delegation that comes from the Out Of Office function!   I have a role assigned to a Manual Fulfillment node, anyone in this role will get this activity assigned ...
    Johan Arvidsson
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  • Maximum limit of rows for CSV collector?

    Hello,   I have an IDC based off of CSV.  We are currently on 7.1.1 P07.  This issue has manifested itself shortly after patching.   The collection successfully completes.  However, the...
    Christopher Smith
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  • "Generation of user data file failed" in CSV Collector

    Hello,   Issue with CSV IDC collector where the collection fails seemingly randomly.   The admin error in the UI is:  EC[81006] Context[RunID=1539425, IDC(Name=Workday CSV, ID=1568)] Message[Generati...
    Christopher Smith
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  • Technical Role owner review if the role should be an entitlement of a Business Role

    Hello all!   I have a customer that has this use case: They have Technical Roles as entitlements of Business Roles. Both Technical and Business Roles have their owners. They want the owners of the Technical Rol...
    Rafael Ferreira
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