Sean Miller

Using Form Controls - Developer Guide

Blog Post created by Sean Miller Employee on May 18, 2016

This document is aimed at users building request forms using the form controls and building block tools that are provided in the application. This content is meant to be used as a reference and complements the material included in the online help and product documentation.


Also included are the following examples (as exported XML configuration files) which demonstrate the use of the Javascript control to take specific actions:

  • Invoking custom code based on a change
  • Setting the default value for a Dropdown
  • Manipulating Dates


We hope that you will find these examples useful and can adapt/extend them for your specific needs in building Request Forms. More importantly, we encourage you to share some of your commonly-used such implementations as examples by responding to this post and attaching your exported configuration file. With your active participation we hope to develop/grow this example set for the benefit of all members in this RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance user community.