Xavier Trepanier-Taupier

Health & Wellness uses an old IP for connecting to a device - How to Resolve

Blog Post created by Xavier Trepanier-Taupier Employee on Apr 30, 2018

Health and Wellness leverages RabbitMQ to be able to collect the actual status of any components of the RSA Netwitness platform. After changing an IP on a component the Health and Wellness keep communicating with the previous IP. To be able to resolve this issue you need to do the following:


Open your browser and log in to the RabbiMQ Management interface: https://IP_of_your_head_unit:15671

Log in using the deploy_admin account 


When logged in, go to the Admin Tab


And in the Admin Tab, Select the Federation Upstreams on the right 



Identify the wrong upstream and take note of the virtual host, URI, Expires and the Name of this upstream


Create a new upstream and enter the right information for the URI, with the new IP, the Name, the Virtual Host and the Expires:



When adding this new upstream, it will match the upstream name and automatically replace the one with the wrong information.


And now the device is in a ready state and the health status changed from RED to GREEN