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Investigate 11.5 - Event Filters (Beta)

Blog Post created by William Hart Employee on Sep 25, 2020

RSA NetWitness 11.5 introduces the ability to interactively filter events using the metadata associated with all the events. This is seen as a new Filter button inside the Event screen that opens the Filter Events panel.


NW 11.5 Event Filter Button


This new capability functions in two modes.


NW 11.5 Event Filter Panel


The first presents a familiar search experience for analysts of all skill levels as many websites have a similar layout where filters (attributes or categories of the data) exist on the left side of the page and the matching results display on the right side. As an example in the below image, clicking the metadata (#1) in this integrated panel automatically builds the query (#2) and retrieves the resulting table (#3) of matching events.


NW 11.5 Event Filter Interactive Workflow


As analysts use this, it helps build the relationship between the metadata associated with the events and how to use those to structure a query.


NW 11.5 Full Screen Filter Events Panel


The second mode allows the panel to extend full screen giving more real-estate to show more metadata at once. This mode may seem very familiar to those who have used Navigate previously. As meta data values are clicked they are added as filters to the query bar and updates a new filter list based on the events filtered out. What it does not do is execute the query to retrieve the resulting table of events. This allows the analyst to hunt through the data and then when ready to see the results they can minimize (highlighted in above image) the Filter Events panel to reveal the results.


In both modes, the meta values associated to the meta keys can be organized by event count or event size and sorted by the count or value. This allows for analysts to sort descending by event count to find outliers, a small limited number of communications, for example. The meta keys can also be shown in smaller meta groups to help analysts focus in on the most specific values for certain use cases. Analysts can use the query profiles to execute a query with a predefined query, meta group, and column group allowing them to jump right into a specific subset of data. The right click actions that provide additional query and lookup options are also available. To get a further deep dive into the capability check out the Investigate documentation Investigate: Drill into Metadata in the Events View (Beta)  


As always, we welcome your feedback!


Please leave any feedback or suggestions on how to make this experience even better. To see what else may be in store for future releases, go to the RSA Ideas portal for the RSA NetWitness Platform to see enhancements that have been suggested, vote on them, and submit your own.