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New RSA SecurID Access & Authentication Manager Training – Your commute hours have never been so productive!

Blog Post created by Megan Olvera Employee on Jul 29, 2020

During these days of remote work, have you found yourself with a bit of bonus time that used to be consumed with a daily commute? Why not seize this opportunity to hone your skills and add your newfound knowledge to the benefit of all?


RSA University is pleased to bring to you an all-new training lineup for RSA SecurID Access! Our updated curriculum has been designed to help you quickly get up to speed, based on your role and how you use the product(s).


Following the RS SecurID Access product strategy, we’ve combined a number of courses into a 2-part instructor-led series that will get you the need-to-know in an efficient manner. In addition, we have a brand new On-Demand Lab that’s ideal for longtime SID admins to explore and experience the latest features RSA SecurID has to offer. Take a look at the newest courses listed below!



Benefits of Training
  • RSA SecurID Access I – Administration: This 4-day training course is designed for the individual responsible for administering RSA SecurID Access – both in the cloud as well as with the traditional, on-premises Authentication Manager. Here, you’ll learn about all of the features included and have plenty of hands-on experience working with labs. Help Desks and IT Administrators are being asked to do more and more to help support an expanded remote workforce and this course is perfect for experiencing the latest technology, refreshing your expertise, or getting new members up to speed quickly. This course is also available in our self-paced, On-Demand Classroom modality.
    • Upcoming Live/Virtual Course Dates: August 31-Sept 3 (US), Sept 20-24 (Singapore), Nov 9-12 (US)

  • RSA SecurID Access II – Infrastructure Administration and Tuning: This 4-day training course is designed for the implementors of RSA SecurID Access and Authentication Manager. As with the previous course, this is also available in our self-paced, On-Demand Classroom modality. System Engineers and similar technologists appreciate the ground-level-up understanding they gain from this course and are well prepared to expand an existing system or react quickly in disaster recovery.
    • Upcoming Live/Virtual Course Dates: Aug 17-20 (US), Sept 14-17 (EMEA), Oct 9-22 (US)

  • RSA SecurID Access Self-Guided Exploration Lab: This BRAND NEW On-Demand Lab course gives you a great overview of what the lab environment includes and a lab guide that will guide you through a number of exercises intended to get your feet just wet enough so you feel comfortable jumping into the pool. Designed for current admins, this course is a great option for RSA SecurID admins who are interested in leveling up their skills, in seeing the latest features, and in practicing with features they might not currently be taking advantage of in their own environment.


For a full listing of all of our courses, kindly refer to our training page at: 



Some commonly asked questions:


Q: I/we only have the on-premises version of Authentication Manager (AM). Would I benefit at all from taking the full SecurID Access series?


A: Absolutely. In terms of licensing, where the Base edition used to be only AM, traditional agents and tokens, basic cloud functions are now supported. (MFA Authenticate App, protected access to cloud applications, and “SSO Agent” portal.) If you’re thinking only about Authentication Manager at the Base level, you may be missing out on a number of features that RSA is now including. Our SID Access classes cover all of these other capabilities. (An interesting factoid: About 80% of our customers only use about 30% of available product functionality!) These classes apply to options our customers can offer their end users and to partners for providing more options to their clients.


Q: What version(s) do these new courses reference?


A: At the time of this writing, our lab environments for RSA SecurID Access are on the June 2020 Release. RSA Authentication Manager is currently on 8.4 patch 4, MFA Agent for Windows is v1.0, and MFA Agent for macOS is v1.0 - macOS is something we discuss about in the courses but do not include within our lab environments.


Have questions about which training is right for you or your team? Reach out to me at - I'd be delighted to hear from you!