000035073 - How to install the Jive for Outlook plugin for RSA Link

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Article Number000035073
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Link (community.rsa.com)
Platform: Microsoft Outlook, Lithium JX (formerly Jive-x)
TasksThe Jive for Outlook plugin allows users to participate on RSA Link from within Microsoft Outlook without even entering the website, and also fully displays all RSA Link content within email notifications including images and subsequent comments in real-time.

Using the plugin, users can also post comments in discussion threads, "like" and mark content as helpful or correct, and even create new content.  The instructions below explain how to download, install, and begin using the plugin.

Download and Installation

Follow the steps below to download and install the Jive for Outlook plugin.

  1. In a web browser, go to RSA Link (https://community.rsa.com) and log in with your normal account.
  2. Once logged in, click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen and select the Tools option in the menu that appears.
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  3. On the Tools page, click on the Download now button underneath the Jive for Outlook section.
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  4. Save the jive-for-outlook[#community.rsa.com].exe file to your computer and run it when it has finished downloading.
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  5. When asked for whom the plugin should be installed, click on the Only for me option as the other option will cause the installation to fail.
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  6. If you have any Microsoft Office applications running, you will need to save your work and then click the OK button when prompted in order to close them.
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  7. After the installation is complete, click on the Finish button to close the install wizard.  You may now relaunch Microsoft Outlook to confirm that the plugin is functioning properly.
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  8. Once Microsoft Outlook has initialized, click on the Accounts button within the Jive group on the Home tab as shown below.
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  9. You should see a window similar to the example below indicating that the plugin is connected to RSA Link.  If you do not see this, refer to the Notes section below.
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When the Jive for Outlook plugin is installed, you will see the RSA Link icon in the top-right corner of all notifications that were sent from RSA Link.  When looking at a notification from a discussion thread, you will see the entire thread displayed in Outlook, including any comments that were posted after you received the notification that you are viewing.  You will also have various buttons that will allow you to "Like" content, mark a comment as Helpful or Correct (which is done by clicking the Actions button), and to even post a comment or reply directly in the thread.

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You can also create a new discussion thread by following the steps below.
  1. From the Jive group in the toolbar on the Home tab, click on the Create button and select Discussion from the drop down menu.
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  2. In the drop down menu for Post To you will need to select the A place option.
  3. Begin typing in the name of the community to which you wish to post your discussion and click on it when it appears.
  4. If you are asking a question in the thread you will want to select the Mark this discussion as a question option.
  5. Write your question or discussion topic in the body of the message and then click on the Post button which will publish it immediately to RSA Link.
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NotesIf your RSA Link account is not automatically connected to the Jive for Outlook plugin upon installation, or if you already had the plugin installed for another Jive community, follow the steps below to add your account.
  1. In the Manage Accounts window, click on the Add Account button at the bottom and select the Jive option.
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  2. Type in https://community.rsa.com for the Community URL when prompted and then click the Check button to verify it.
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  3. Once the login prompt for RSA Link appears within the window, log in with your RSA Link credentials.
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  4. If you are prompted for additional identity confirmation, select the On-Demand Authentication or Security Questions option to confirm your identity.
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  5. After logging in successfully, you will then see that your account is connected within the Manage Accounts window.
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If you encounter any issues with adding your RSA Link account to the Jive for Outlook plugin as described above, please collect the log files for the plugin and contact RSA Customer Support for assistance.
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