Services on NW 11.x Admin Server

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ServiceCommand Log File LocationPurpose
Admin Serverservice rsa-nw-admin-server restart/var/log/netwitness/admin-server/admin-server.logThe NetWitness Suite Administration Server (Admin server) is the back-end service for administrative tasks in the NW UI. It abstracts authentication, global preferences management, and authorization support for the UI. The Admin server requires the Config server and the Security server to be online to perform its role.
Brokerservice nwbroker restart /var/log/messagesThe broker service is same as in 10.x
Config Serverservice rsa-nw-config-server restart/var/log/netwitness/config-server/config-server.logThe Config server stores and manages configuration sets. A configuration set is any logical configuration group that is managed independently. The Config server facilitates the sharing of properties among services, provides configuration backup and restore facilities, and tracks changes to properties.
Investigate Serverservice rsa-nw-investigate-server restart/var/log/netwitness/investigate-server/investigate-server.logIt is responsible for investigation.
Orchestration Serverservice rsa-nw-orchestration-server restart/var/log/netwitness/orchestration-server/orchestration-server.logInternal, system management service that runs on the NW Server to provision, install, and configure all services in your NetWitness Suite deployment.
Reporting Engineservice rsasoc_re restart/var/netwitness/re-server/rsa/soc/reporting-engine/logs/reporting-engine.logRE services is same as in 10.x versions
Respond Serverservice rsa-nw-respond-server restart/var/log/netwitness/respond-server/respond-server.logIts basically rsa-im service of 10.x, responsible for Respond on 11.x (IM on 10.x)
Security Serverservice rsa-nw-security-server restart/var/log/netwitness/security-server/security-server.logThe NetWitness Suite Security Server (Security server) manages the security infrastructure of a NetWitness Suite deployment. It handles the following security-related concerns.

 Users and the authentication accounts
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Deployment PKI infrastructure



Additional Services
Jetty service jetty restart /var/lib/netwitness/uax/logs/sa.logSame as in10.x version
SMS service rsa-sms restart /opt/rsa/sms/logs/sms.logSame as in10.x version
Collectd service collectd restart NASame as in10.x version
Salt Masterservice salt-master restart/var/log/salt/masterIt runs on the Admin server
Salt Minionservice salt-minion restart/var/log/salt/minionIt runs on all hosts
Salt APIservice salt-api restart/var/log/salt/apiIt runs on the Admin server
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