000036656 - Why am I receiving email notifications when content or pages are mentioned in RSA Link?

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Article Number000036656
Applies ToAll RSA Link Users
IssueWhy am I getting email notifications from RSA Link saying that a document, space, page or other content has been mentioned by someone?
For example, an email subject may say the following:  "RSA Security Analytics 10.6.6 has been mentioned by RSA Link Team in RSA NetWitness® Platform Versions in RSA Link"
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ResolutionNearly anything on RSA Link can be mentioned (also referred to as being @mentioned) within content, replies/comments in discussion threads and many other locations by simply typing the @ symbol followed by the name of the entity you wish to mention (replacing any spaces with underscores) and then clicking on the entity in the pop-up search results that appear.  (See the example in the screenshot below.)  These mentions will create a hyperlink directly to the entity (whether it be a document, video, space, a user's profile or another entity) and will sent email notifications where applicable.
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Email notifications for mentions are sent to RSA Link users when the criteria below is met.
  • The user has access to the space in which the content was published.
  • The user is subscribed to (i.e. "following") the content, space or person that was mentioned

    All users are considered to be "following" themselves, which means if they are mentioned they will receive an email notification as long as they meet the other criteria.

  • The user's email preferences are not configured to prevent such email notifications from getting delivered.
The subject line of these emails are in the following format:  [Followed Space/Content/User] has been mentioned by [User Who Added the Mention] in [Content Where Mention Occurred] in RSA Link
For example, if you follow the RSA SecurID Access space on RSA Link and a product advisory is published in the RSA SecurID Access Advisories space by the RSA Product Team user that mentions the RSA SecurID Access space (such as in the example shown below) then you will likely receive an email notification with the following subject line:  "RSA SecurID Access has been mentioned by RSA Product Team in RSA RSA Announces RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 Patch 2 and Updated Web-Tier Server in RSA Link"
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NotesRSA Product Release team members need not worry if they receive an email notification of this type for content (e.g. product advisories) that has not yet been made publicly accessible.  This does not mean (in most circumstances) that the content was published prematurely, but simply means that they have access to the restricted staging space for the product and that they follow an entity that was mentioned in the content.