000036749 - Can former RSA employees still log in to RSA Link with their employee accounts?

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Sep 19, 2018
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Article Number000036749
Applies ToThis article applies to former RSA and other Dell Technologies employees that are no longer working at the company.
IssueWhen an RSA or other Dell Technologies employee leaves the company, are they still able to log in to RSA Link using their employee credentials and have access to the restricted content and permissions?
ResolutionThe authentication system used by RSA Link utilizes the Dell corporate authentication database, meaning that all Dell Technologies employees--including RSA employees--log in to RSA Link using their corporate credentials.

When an employee leaves the company for any reason, their account and credentials are immediately disabled which means they no longer have the ability to log in to any corporate systems.  As such, former employees are no longer able to log in to their employee account on RSA Link and will no longer have their prior access or permissions.

If a former employee still wishes to participate on RSA Link, they will need to re-register using their new corporate email address for their current company and will need to supply a serial number, Site ID, contract number or license key for one of their RSA products if they wish to access any of the restricted content to which they are entitled under their new company.
NotesEven though former employees are unable to log in to their employee accounts as soon as they leave the company, the accounts are not fully removed from RSA Link.  This is because removing an account also removes the content (documents, videos, blog posts, replies to discussion/question threads, etc.) created by that user, which may still be valuable to other users throughout the website.  However, in some circumstances formerly employee accounts may also be "deactivated" within RSA Link which prevents them from appearing in search results.

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At this time it is not possible to migrate content from one user to another, with the exception of documents on RSA Link.  This means that blog posts, discussion threads, videos and other content cannot be attributed to a former employee's new account with their new company.  More information about this can be found in the article entitled What happens to my RSA Link account if I change companies? within the RSA Link Knowledge Base.