000036799 - Why am I still getting email notifications after unfollowing a space on RSA Link?

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Article Number000036799
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Link (community.rsa.com)
Platform: Lithium JX (formerly Jive-x Cloud)
IssueI am still receiving email notifications for updates in a community or other space on RSA Link, even though I deselected the Inbox option under the Following button so that I would only get notified within the RSA Link website itself in the Notifications area.

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Looking at the footer of the email notifications, it says that I received the email because I am still "following" the space.

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CauseRSA Link manages notifications (both within the platform and via email or mobile push notifications) with what are known as streams or activity feeds, which define the frequency and medium of the notifications.
All users have the Following and Inbox streams associated with their accounts when they register, with the default configuration below.
  • Updates in the Following stream generate notifications in the RSA Link platform itself, which you can view by clicking on the Notifications button in the top-right corner next to your avatar or by navigating to https://community.rsa.com/inbox.
  • Updates in the Inbox stream generate notifications via email  (i.e. to your actual email inbox)
However, additional specialized streams exist (e.g. the RSA Product Advisories stream for users subscribed to receive advisories and the RSA Employees stream to which employees belong) for some users and you can also create your own following the instructions in this article:  How to create a custom activity feed on RSA Link
Notification preferences for each of these streams can be configured on the User Preferences page under the News & Stream Notifications, which can be accessed by clicking on your avatar and then on Preferences.
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If the Email option had been selected at any point for the Following stream then email notifications will be sent to the user for followed spaces even if the Inbox option is deselected.
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ResolutionDeselect the Inbox option for the Following stream within the User Preferences page and then click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page for the change to take effect.

If you make this change, make sure that the Inbox option is selected under the Following button on any spaces where you want to receive email notifications, as you will no longer receive emails if you are only following them in the Following stream when the preferences are updated.