000036854 - Why are my attachments getting compressed into a zip archive when I upload files to documents or discussion threads in RSA Link?

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Article Number000036854
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Link (community.rsa.com)
RSA Product/Service Type: Documents, Discussions, Questions
Platform: Lithium JX (Formerly Jive-x Cloud)
IssueWhen uploading files as attachments to my discussion threads or documents on RSA Link, the files are getting compressed into zip files which must then be extracted after getting downloaded by other users.

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CauseLithium JX, the platform on which RSA Link is built, automatically places certain types of files into a zip archive as a security precaution. This prevents them from being read, executed or interpreted. This precaution was originally implemented in order to resolve a security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer and as a result many file types are zipped before being attached.
The Lithium JX platform looks at more than just the extension to determine whether it will zip the attachment. This is to prevent someone from writing a malicious .exe file and simply renaming it to .pdf. The system inspects the MIME type of the file and zips it if it is one of the following types:
  • "application/octet-stream"
  • "application/x-dosexec"
  • "text/plain"
  • "text/html"
  • "text/xml"
  • "image/svg+xml"
WorkaroundThere is no way for this functionality to be disabled.  Therefore, if you don't want your attachment to be placed into a zip archive then you will need to host it elsewhere and reference it in your discussion thread or document using a hyperlink.
NotesYou can check the MIME-type of your file by issuing the command below using the Linux or macOS terminal, or by using Cygwin on Windows.

file --mime-type -b <file_name>

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Alternatively, there are also web-based tools that allow you to upload a file to identify its MIME-type.