RSA & Templar Shield Webinar: How to Establish a Virtual Pandemic Operations Center (VPOC), June 18 @ 2:00 pm EST

Created by Denise Sposato Employee on May 28, 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020 at Virtual Webinar; Registration Required

Starts at 2:00 PM · Ends at 3:00 PM, EST (America/New_York)

  • Denise Sposato
  • Christopher Dodge


Establishing a Virtual Pandemic Operations Center for your business is crucial. Why? A VPOC allows businesses to create and execute pandemic management plans aligned with recommendations from regulatory authorities in a manner that is quick, intelligent and efficient.

During this webinar you’ll learn about how a VPOC helps...

  • Enable businesses to activate a standalone environment that leverages your (BIA) Business Impact Analysis metrics.
  • Access those metrics through an automated Resiliency program fed by real time data from Shelter in Place (SiP) remote employees alongside your Return to Work (RtW) strategies.
  • Enable your business to plan, approve and execute information security and compliance policies for vital cloud and mobile infrastructure to maintain continuity of business operations.


With real time insights into key personal, vendor and process point of failure, you can identify and communicate business continuity plans to SiP employees and manage execution of your Return to Work or Situational Awareness Normalization (SAN) strategies.


Click here to download a VPOC solution overview 



Virtual Webinar; Registration Required