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Add Authentication Server using LDAP over TLS/SSL

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by RSA Admin
I have a question about configuring an Authentication Server for enVision. Our enVision system is an LS-600. The Set Up Authentication Server section of the documentation says "If you try to add Authentication Servers using the LDAP protocol over TLS/SSL on port 636 and the Domain requires a root certificate, the add will fail and display: Could not connect to the Authentication Server.". I checked with our server team and the domain I want to authenticate against does require a certificate, which I now have. My question is, does the certificate need to be installed on the A-SRV. I assume this is the case, since the Ports Used by RSA enVision section of the documentation only lists the A-SRV as using TCP 636, but I thought I would double check before I turn in my change request. Thanks.