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Modify incident categories

Question asked by Uq1lws3RT39tp8reFD8y8NuuHaHt7KaBBIJDVDjgnPY= on Jan 22, 2016
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I would like to use the European "ETSI GS ISI" classification for incidents in the  Incident management solution (10.4).


How can I modify/add categories ?


I found that categories are store in the collection categories of the ESA mongodb but each categorie looks linked to a Java Object :



    "_id" : ObjectId("554b37dfe4b066116421f676"),

    "_class" : "java.util.LinkedHashMap",

    "parent" : "Environmental",

    "name" : "Deterioration"



    "_id" : ObjectId("554b37dfe4b066116421f677"),

    "_class" : "java.util.LinkedHashMap",

    "parent" : "Environmental",

    "name" : "Earthquake"



So, what's the solution ?


P.S: a quick reference of the classification is availabe at