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Running RSA AM 8.x replication under Hyper-V with automatic Windows updates enabled tutorial.

Discussion created by Luka Kodric on Dec 2, 2016
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If you have two instances of RSA AM 8.x running on different Hyper-V servers, primary and replica and you have automatic updates enabled on Hyper-V host, Hyper-V host will reboot and by default save the state of RSA AM VM. I found that this can cause some trouble with replication (usually it fails, you need to do manual sync or something even that doesn't work and you need to redeploy VM and restore data from backup!).


So i found out that this can be solved if you enable Shutdown the guest OS on RSA AM VM when Windows Hyper-V host goes into reboot because of updates.



This way RSA AM 8.x VM gets gracefully shutdown and replication doesn't get broken when it comes back up.

Of course you also need to set: Always start this virtual machine automatically.



This way you don't have to worry about replication if you have enabled automatic updates & reboot on hyper-v host.