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Role set : business unit technical owner rights

Question asked by Marcel van Kekeren on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

Within RSA IG&L, Application objects can be linked to Business Units. As we understand this results in the technical owner of business unit having the entitlement Application : business unit technical owner 

In the list of available access rights (What access tab on the application Aveksa) we see the entitlement Role Set : Business Unit Technical owner and Role : Role Set Business unit technical owner you would assume that this entitlement is granted to a person when the Role set is linked to a business unit with a technical owner.

We cannot find an option to relate role sets to Business Units. When editing an application a drop down is visible with the list of configure business units. For Role sets and directories deze drop down is not available.


  • Can Role Sets be linked to business units as the entitlement Role set : business unit technical owner suggests?
  • Does that give us the flexibility to assign ownership of Role Sets on a higher level.
  • Same goes for Rule Sets and Directories