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Issue with Android 10

Question asked by Luke Yang on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Steven Spicer

Hi guys,


So here is my situation now, I am using OnePlus 7Pro with Android 10 open beta now. Previously when I was using the same device with Android 10 (updated from Android 9 directly), everything works like a charm. Yesterday, I did a factory reset on my phone, and when I re-installed RSA Token SecureID (version 2.6.1), it popped-up with the already knwon "Aeroplane Mode" issue. So I managed to donwload and installed the beta version of the App (version 2.7.0) from Play Store, and the new version solved the "Aeroplane Mode" issue. However, the issue now is when the IT support of my firm try to scan the QR code to import the token, the App simply did not responde. Any idea on how to solve this problem will much appreciated!



-When I was with IT Support, I believe only Camera premission was given to the App. Should I also give the Storage and Telephone premission to the App as well? 

-I have asked my IT Support, and they said they currently can only import the token via QR Scan. So I did not know if URL import works. 


Thanks again and hope there is a solution for this problem.