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IGL User Access Review filter by entitlement long description

Question asked by Lakshman Varadharajan on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by Ian Staines

I am using the Version RSA IGL 7.1 P09



   In the User Access Review I wanted to perform a review for specific application entitlements which has matching keyword in the long description.

eg : 'DB Access' keyword in the entitlement long description.

How we can achieve this. I have tried with this setting as show in the screenshot attached, but failed to get the valid records.

I ran this query in the SQLdeveloper  against the DB and works fine.
         select ID from pv_application_entitlement where Long_Desc like '%DB Access%'


 I am not sure why it is keep changing while i click ok to save changes.. you can see In the Screenshot the where condition field name
 I gave 'ents.long_desc' but when i click save changes it changed to 'ents.longDesc.' without underscore.

Any help is really appreciated here.