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Same entitlements for different accounts for one identity?

Question asked by Andrii Drobenko on Jun 15, 2020
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We're using multiple accounts per identity from same AD for different purpose - a-accounts for regular application access and t-accounts - for testing purposes (avoiding approval phase). There are only few t-accounts, and these are assigned to application admins, and the reason we have these accounts is to allow them to switch between application roles without approvals. 

BUT. There's one issue we're trying to find a workaround for.

Lets say there's application with A, B, C entitlements. User has already A and B entitlements assigned to his a-account. Now, he also has t-account and he wants to test B entitlement on it. But in request form he will only see C entitlement, because A and B already assigned to his other account. 


Is it possible to allow to have same entitlements for different accounts per identity?

Would appreciate any help or suggestions.



Andrew Drobenko