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IGL Roles and auto-assignment of entitlements

Question asked by Alan Abcarian on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by Ahmed Nofal

Hello, we have an interesting situation.  Right now, we have roles set up for all employees to gain access in our Oracle EBS suite as part of their birthright access when they join the company.  The entitlements in these roles are correctly being assigned automatically in Oracle.


We have also developed separate roles for our role-based provisioning initiative that has Oracle EBS entitlements in it, however we do not want these entitlements to be automatically assigned to the employees that fit the membership criteria.  Rather, we would like the newly developed roles to assign a manual task while still allowing the birthright entitlements for new employees to be automatically granted via the Oracle EBS Connector.


Is this easily possible?