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Group attributes not searchable under Users --> Groups view

Question asked by Prateek Bhatnagar on Jun 24, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2020 by Andrii Drobenko



We're running IG&L P01 


I came across an annoying bug where searches performed on a Group page (Users --> Groups) aren't searching the Group Backup owner field. 


Below you can see that search term "annina" gives me 8 groups where they are listed as owner, but result set is missing 3 groups seen in the second screenshot where "annina" is the group backup owner. 


Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:


Does anyone know why Aveksa would search just owner field and not group backup owner in the first screenshot? Same issue exists on previous versions as well, so I am curious to hear your thoughts on if this is "working as expected" or am I missing something? 


Here's how attributes are configured: