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CREATION_DATE is not updating recent value in T_AV_EXPLODEDUSERENTITLEMENTS table

Question asked by Muneendra Sriram on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by Ahmed Nofal

CREATION_DATE is not updating with recent value in T_AV_EXPLODEDUSERENTITLEMENTS table if App role/entitlements/group gets deleted.


If app role/entitlements/group gets revoke from account then DELETION_DATE will be updated   in T_AV_EXPLODEDUSERENTITLEMENTS and same app role/entitlements/group if we collect in the feature then deletion_date will update as null and creation date will not updating as newly collected  date and it's remains old value when first time mapping date.


How can we collect the recent collection date in T_AV_EXPLODEDUSERENTITLEMENTS  table under  CREATION_DATE ?