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RSA Security Analytics wrong time

Question asked by Adolfo Sotelo on Oct 15, 2020

Hello guys,


I have an issue with time between SA server, Log decoder and concentrator server. Let me explain, when I login to SA UI I see a mismatch time between all hosts.


time mismatch


When I checked the time in CLI the time is the correct one:


time CLI match


I used this KB Host GS: Set Network Time Source and tried to setting the host time with a "host task", but it didn't work.


set time


I checked again and the issue remains.


Issue remain


I also checked the /var/log/rabbitmq logs and I found this error:


Certificate expired


According to this KB Troubleshoot Log Collection Configuration it's referring a clock not synchronized.


So, I tried again with setting the time, but this time with another option:


Time with NTP server


The NTP was the same that the windows computer had. I tried with source=local too with the same result.


I don't how to proceed in here.


Hope you can help me.