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Does RSA AM 8.5 addresses Oracle WebLogic Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (CPUJUL2020)

Discussion created by David Pala on Nov 5, 2020
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Hi Folks !

While trying to get the RSA AM 8.5 OVA deployed, I'm facing an issue with a vulnerability scan.


Below is what was found :

Oracle WebLogic Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (CPUJUL2020)

CVE-2020-9546, CVE-2018-11058, CVE-2020-14625, CVE-2020-14644, CVE-2020-14645,
CVE-2020-14687, CVE-2017-5645, CVE-2020-14588, CVE-2020-14639, CVE-2020-5398,
CVE-2020-14589, CVE-2020-2967, CVE-2020-14557, CVE-2020-14652, CVE-2020-14572,
CVE-2020-14636, CVE-2020-14637, CVE-2020-14638, CVE-2020-14640, CVE-2020-2966,



After reading many articles here, I was NOT able to conclude that the version is protected against this vulnerability (000039353 - How to display Web Logic version information in RSA Authentication Manager ver. 8.x ).

Moreover, the OVA won't be deployed unless a clear answer is provided to the Security Team.


Could someone give a hand for this ?

Thanks !