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Self-Service Portal (SSP) - Forgot Password and PIN

Question asked by David Thomson on Feb 25, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2021 by David Thomson

I recently upgraded our Primekit from a December 2019 build to a January 2021 build.  Obviously with such a large gap between upgrades there are new features that I've been investigating.

One new feature is being able to add the "Forgot Password" button to the login screen of the SSP.  This is done by toggling the "" variable in the file to "True".  This allows the "Forgot Password" link to appear on the front of the SSP login screen and it works as I would expect it to.  I set it up so the user would need to answer their security question before being able to change their password.

However, I noticed that by having this option enabled, the "Forgot PIN" link that was their on the December 2019 build was missing.  We use the the "Forgot PIN" link to allow users to gain access to the SSP via their security questions.  This is useful when the user has broke their existing phone, so that they can access the SSP using their questions and replace their old token to get a new one on their new phone.  By toggling the "" variable in the file to "False", the "Forgot PIN" link comes back.

The question I have, is their anyway to have both the "Forgot Password" link and the "Forgot PIN" link on the front page of the SSP?  Both are useful and neither of them appear the mutually exclusive.  If not I'll just use the "Forgot PIN" link, as we already have processes involving this feature but being able to reset AD passwords using the SSP is also a useful feature I would like to enable.