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Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 22, 2008
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My question is regarding Siteminder integration. Here is what I'm doing..


We have siteminder writing all the logs to local file i.e smps.logs ans Smaccess.logs. I installed SFTP on my siteminder server and was able to FTP logs to the enVision Local collector server. Now as per the documentation I have to create NIC file reader service for this. But when I create one, there is no option for siteminder so I created with a generic name.

Now the logs are going to into Siteminder_ipaddress folder rather than in Generic_ipaddress folder.


Even i change the configurations in the SFTP config file to send the logs to generic_ipaddress folder. The logs are not showing up in envision. I checked that the UNknown folder is not getting created in 'lsnodes' folder


What is the best approach I may have to take

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