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Report to show count of unique combinations

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 5, 2008
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Hi folks,

I've been having some difficulties trying to setup a report that will only show a count of unique combinations of two fields.  Doing a count works for one field, but I can't seem to combine it to show combinations of two fields.


For instance, I would like to create a report that will dump all incoming firewall traffic, but show a distinct count of how many attacks were from the same source on the same port.  I can do a count(ForeignAddress) to get a count of how many attacks came from each source, and I can do a count(LocalPort) to see how many attacks were directed at a certain port, but I would like to do a count of both in tandem with each other.


Here is some sample data:

DATE             FOREIGNADDRESS         PORT 

2008/09/04                      25

2008/09/04                      25

2008/09/04                      443

2008/09/04                      53

2008/09/04                      53 

2008/09/04                      25

2008/09/04                      25


I would want the report to show:

FOREIGNADDRESS         PORT           COUNT                       25                2                       443              1                       53                2                       25                2


Is this something that is doable?

Thanks in advance!